'The Walking Dead' And 'Red' Receive Golden Globe Nominations

The Walking DeadAs much as we love them, comic book movies and television shows aren't always seen as critical darlings, certainly not awards show magnets. In 2008, we thought that trend would end when "The Dark Knight" garnered huge box office numbers in addition to rave reviews, making the lack of attention from the Academy Awards all the more noticeable.

Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

But where the 2008 Oscars failed, the 2010 Golden Globes could succeed. The list of nominees for this year's Globes was released earlier this morning, and to the happy surprise of many, two different comics-related projects made it onto the list: "The Walking Dead" and "Red."

There's little surprise, but much relief, in seeing "The Walking Dead" take its rightful spot as a nominee for Best TV Series, Drama. Debuting with widely positive reviews and wildly successful ratings that only continued to climb upwards, "The Walking Dead" proved itself as the event series to watch this year. Sadly, no nominations for the work of director Frank Darabont or actors like Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James, but there's always next year!

"Red," meanwhile, is a bit more of a surprise, albeit a happy one. The comic book film earned a nomination for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, which only fits because there isn't a category for Best Motion Picture, Massively Awesome Action Flick. Based on the miniseries created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, "Red" was easily one of our favorite films of 2010 — we're just happy to see that we're not alone in that sentiment.

Finally, while it's too late to give "The Dark Knight" the credit it deserves, it appears that the Globes are doing what they can to compensate: both Christian Bale and Chris Nolan have been nominated for awards this year for "The Fighter" and "Inception," respectively. Who knows — by the time "The Dark Knight Rises" rolls around, we could have a new pair of Globes (and, hopefully, Oscar) winners on our hands!

Any other comics-related movies or television projects you think should've made the list? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!