'Thor' Trailer 101: Who Is The Destroyer?

ThorWith the "Thor" trailer finally available for the whole world to see, fans are doubtlessly eager for the Thunder God's electrifying silver-screen debut.

But when the hammer-wielding hero arrives in theaters next May, he won't be alone: unfortunately for him (but thankfully for us), there's a whole lot of villains joining him on his first trip to Earth. If you watched the "Thor" trailer, then you've already noticed a few of these villains. Loki, for example, is the movie's primary antagonist, but he's got some company in the form of The Destroyer.

If you're not familiar with the god-crushing suit of armor, don't sweat it — we've got a rundown on who and what the Destroyer is after the jump!

The Destroyer, at its core, is an enchanted suit of armor first forged by Thor's father Odin, the Asgardian ruler played in "Thor" by Anthony Hopkins. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Destroyer first appeared in "Journey into Mystery" #118 in 1965, and despite its capacity for great destruction, the armored force of nature wasn't always intended as a thorn in Thor's side.

Originally created as a means to defend Asgard, the Destroyer is at its most powerful when enchanted by some outside party. In other words, the Destroyer's actions depend largely on the moral compass of the man or woman in control of the suit of armor — a fact that hasn't always worked out in Thor's favor. Indeed, the mischievous Loki is often responsible for the Destroyer's actions, as seems to be the case in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming adaptation. But certain heroes, including Thor's half-brother Balder, have been known to use the Destroyer for nobler purposes.

In addition to its sheer size and accompanying physical power, the Destroyer is capable of emitting destructive energy blasts, as seen by its fiery appearance in the "Thor" trailer. Even scarier is the Destroyer's ability to withstand almost any form of attack from nearly any opponent: this enchanted suit of armor is not just capable of destroying gods, but it's virtually invulnerable from attack as well.

Given its long list of strengths and relatively few weaknesses, the Destroyer is clearly an important ally to have on your side — which is exactly why Thor should be shaking in his royal boots when the destructive powerhouse arrives in theaters next summer!

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