'Thor's Hamner,' Prince Charles, And Singapore TGCC In Today's Twitter Report

ThorTony Moore's got big supporter on Twitter in his fellow Robert Kirkman collaborator Ryan Ottley, who made a public plea today get Marvel to let Moore do more Venom covers. I don't know that there was an official Marvel response to that request, but the publisher's envoy to Singapore has been regaling their followers with tales, pictures and adventures this week. C.B. Cebulski, Matt Fraction and Ivan Brandon have all been signing, paneling and posting in their capacities there, though Fraction's impact on the Singapore dumpling supply might need to be independently verified.

In trending topic reactions, a protester swarm's clash with Prince Charles' car caught a lot of tweet attention; Michael Kupperman had some advice for the British royal family member, while Christian Beranek reacted to the new "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" teaser. You can find what he thought and who has a very special reason for wanting to work on a "Thor" book down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for December 10, 2010.

@CullyHamner I always wanted to do some THOR, if only for one of the comics websites to do a story headlined "Thor's Hamner."

-Cully Hamner, Artist ("Red," "Blue Beetle")

@MKupperman Prince Charles should have told the students "I'm with you!", jumped out of his car and led the protestors into his mother's bedroom.

-Michael Kupperman, Writer/Artist ("Tales Designed to Thrizzle")

Singapore pt. 1: @CBCebulski The @Marvel booth at @SingaporeTGCC: http://twitpic.com/3eij3y

-C.B. Cebulski, Sr. VP, Creator and Content Development (Marvel)

Singapore pt. 2: @mattfraction i just ate singapore

-Matt Fraction, Writer ("Thor," "Casanova")

Singapore pt. 3: @ivanbrandon in this hotel, heineken is more expensive than single malt scotch. also there is a lounge singer.

-Ivan Brandon, Writer ("Viking," "NYC Mech")

@RyanOttley Dear Marvel, does a big name artist that draws a weak cover really sell more copies? please let Tony Moore draw his own covers for Venom.

-Ryan Ottley, Artist ("Invincible," "Haunt")

@beranek Holy crapola was that new Transformers trailer lame-o. Transformers 2 was the tipping point for "event" films for me.

-Christian Beranek, Writer ("Dracula vs. King Arthur," "Starship Troopers")

Mark Waid pt. 1: @pvponline Sounds silly but as I draw this storyline at PvP I think to myself "I hope @MarkWaid reads this and things the homages are awesome."

-Scott Kutz, Writer/Artist ("PvP")

Mark Waid pt. 2: @MarkWaid @pvponline Wish fulfilled! These am GREAT!

-Mark Waid, Writer ("Kingdom Come," "Irredeemable")

Deep Thought for the Day:

@KodyChamberlain Watching the original Halloween. I wonder what it'd be like with a Nemoy mask instead of Shatner.

-Kody Chamberlain, Writer/Artist ("Sweets," "Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu")

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