SECRET IDENTITY: Casting New Writers For 'The Walking Dead' TV Series!

The Walking DeadRumors of "The Walking Dead" showrunner Frank Darabont dropping his entire writing staff in favor of freelance writers for season two caused quite a stir in the fan community, despite the fact that both Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd have denied those reports.

But even if the reports are true, would turning towards freelancers be the worst thing in the world? By opening up "The Walking Dead" to a pool of freelance writers, Darabont and his team could attract some truly noteworthy names to craft some equally memorable episodes of the AMC zombie series.

After the jump, check out some of the high-profile writers we would love to see tackling episodes of "The Walking Dead."

Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg

Even though it's a grimmer series than most on television, even "The Walking Dead" has its moments of levity. Getting "Shaun of the Dead" collaborators Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg together for a "Walking Dead" episode, perhaps one that takes place during a relatively safe portion of the prison era, would provide some relief for an already unbearably tense drama.

George Romero

If "Walking Dead" opens its doors to freelance writers, original zombie mastermind George Romero better get a phone call. The "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead" creator would be a great fit for Hershel's farm, a point in the story where paranoia and claustrophobia are at an all-time high.

Matt Reeves

The "Cloverfield" director has proven himself a horror filmmaker to watch, so why not give him a shot at the greatest horror franchise currently on television? Based on how he handled the child actors at the center of "Let Me In," Matt Reeves could write an excellent episode that shows the zombie apocalypse from the perspective of little Carl and Sophia.

Max Brooks

As the author of "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z," Max Brooks is a natural pick to write an episode of "The Walking Dead." He would be great for the episodes when Rick and the gang find their first gated community, only to learn that it's filled to the brim with roamers. It's a great opportunity to show off some zombie survival skills, something that Brooks is clearly an expert in.

Stephen King

How could "The Walking Dead" consider freelance writers and not consider Stephen King? Short answer: they can't! The revered horror novelist is the perfect man to handle the Woodbury chapter. The Governor is practically begging to be written by King, and we're begging to see it happen.

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