'X-Men: First Class' Set Photos Reveal A Fallen Blackbird

X-Men first ClassLittle is known about the plot and premise of "X-Men: First Class" beyond the initial pitch of Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr joined together in the earliest days of their friendship. But some new set photos are giving us a clearer sense of what's going down in the forthcoming "X-Men" prequel.

Comic Book Movie has some new photos from the set of director Matthew Vaughn's "X-Men: First Class," which has already shot portions of the film in England. These latest photos come from a recent shoot on Jekyll Island in Georgia, and unlike previous set photos, these latest images potentially hold some key spoilers for Fox's mutant movie.

X-Men First Class

As you can see, it appears that a jet has crashed on a sandy beach due to unknown circumstances. But a close look at the color of the fallen aircraft as well as the cockpit seems to indicate that the jet is actually the Blackbird, the preferred mode of aerial transportation for Professor X and his team of mutant heroes.

It appears that a large portion of the aircraft will be created in post-production, based on the large green cylindrical object just above the broken apart cockpit. That piece of the Blackbird — if that is indeed what we're looking at — will most likely be rendered with computer effects after shooting wraps.

As for the actual location of the scene, some early speculation pegs the sequence at Muir Island, Scotland, where Xavier and occasional lover Moira MacTaggart conduct research and experiments in an effort to better understand the mutant gene.

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