'Spider-Man' Set Photos Show Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy... At A Funeral?

Emma Stone - Gwen StacyWe've already seen Emma Stone sporting her new Gwen Stacy hair for the "Spider-Man" reboot, but how about some brand new pictures of the actress on the actual "Spider-Man" set?

It's a double-whammy of web-slinging goodness today, as not only are we seeing Stone officially in action as Gwen for the first time, but we're also seeing our first glimpse of filming on the "Spider-Man" reboot. Production was expected to begin in December, and it looks like director Marc Webb met that expectation!

The photos, which come courtesy of Superhero Hype, indicate that Gwen Stacy has seen happier days.

Emma Stone in Spider-Man

"Spider-Man" heroine is dressed in black and surrounded by similarly dressed men and women, all of whom are carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from the pouring rain. The color of their suits combined with the presence of police officers and a stretch limousine seem to hint that Gwen is attending a funeral — but who's funeral? Is it her father, played in the film by Denis Leary? Is it someone else? Is this even a funeral or is it some other type of event? At this point, all we have are photographs and conjecture on our side.

It's been a busy few weeks on the untitled "Spider-Man" reboot, and not just on the filming side. Casting news has been pouring in at a rapid rate recently, with Irrfan Khan recently cast as Proto-Goblin and Martin Sheen and Sally Field coming aboard as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. British actor Andrew Garfield was cast as Spider-Man over the summer while Rhys Ifans was tapped for the film's currently unnamed nemesis back in October.

You can check out more of the photos over at SuperHeroHype.com.

Emma Stone in Spider-Man

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