'Wonder Woman' TV Series Isn't A Sure Thing, Says David E. Kelley

Wonder WomanReports that David E. Kelley is working on a "Wonder Woman" television series aren't false, but there's something else to consider as well: Kelley himself isn't sure that he's the best fit for the property.

"There's no real deal in place yet, but yeah, my intent is to take a stab at it," Kelley revealed in an interview with Zap2It. "I've been working on it between scripts for 'Harry's Law.' It's a very, very different genre for me, a very tricky beast. I won't know whether I've cracked it or not until I've finished it, but it's going."

Kelley said that if he doesn't feel he can crack the superhero genre, he'll step away from the "Wonder Woman" series.

"If I can't, I don't want to delude Warner Bros. or anybody else that I should be doing it," he said. "The way I've always worked has been to write a script and discover, in the process of the writing, if it's a fertile and creative place where I want to live. If I feel I can make the characters my own and it's a world rich enough for me to revisit, that's a good sign to me that it's a series worth doing."

Kelley warned fans not to expect any imminent casting announcements as he's still trying to figure out whether or not a "Wonder Woman" series falls within his creative wheelhouse.

"At the beginning, there was a little bit of that," he said, referring to would-be Wonder Woman actresses passing along their qualifications. "But we quickly made it known that was premature. I haven't necessarily committed to doing it yet. I'm at the point where I'm trying to figure out if I can make the franchise work for me."

"The only way I'm truly going to discover if ['Wonder Woman'] is right for me, and I'm right for it, is to roll my sleeves up and close the door and do some work," he concluded.

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