'Human Target' Review: Episode 2.04, 'The Return Of Baptiste'

Human TargetEpisode Title: "The Return of Baptiste"

Written By: Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine

Story: When Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma) needs help tracking down a kidnapped friend being held in South America, she turns towards Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) and his unorthodox methods. Chance's proposal is even more dangerous than usual: he wants to team up with his longtime nemesis Baptiste (Lennie James), because the criminal holding Ilsa's friend is a mutual enemy of theirs.

Chance and Baptiste forge an uneasy alliance under the philosophy that the enemy of their enemy is their friend, but old habits die hard for these two foes as they work alongside and against each other in the pursuit of their own goals.

Keep Your Enemies Closer: As many of us are already suffering withdrawal after "The Walking Dead" finished its first season last Sunday, it was a nice relief spending some quality time with Lennie James on our television screens tonight. James excelled in the pilot episode of "Walking Dead" as Morgan Jones, and he's an equally welcome sight on "Human Target" as the devious Baptiste.

Formerly an ally of Chance's, Baptiste quickly became his worst enemy once our hero decided to move on from the assassin lifestyle. Taking their bitter history into account, it was expectedly compelling television watching these two opponents come together. While some of their back-and-forth power-shifts were more believable and entertaining than others, there's still nothing quite like the episodes of "Human Target" where Baptiste is present. Here's hoping that Chance makes good on his offer to reform Baptiste at some point down the line.

"The Return of Baptiste" was a solid hour for Ilsa Pucci as well, giving the character an opportunity to prove herself as more than just a talking purse. Her infiltration game wasn't exactly the most pulse-pounding adventure we've ever seen on the show, but it was still nice to catch a glimpse of what Ilsa might be capable of in the future.

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