SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Tyreese In 'The Walking Dead' TV Series?

TyreeseRick Grimes and best buddy Shane aren't exactly getting along these days. The two have quibbled back and forth over numerous issues on "The Walking Dead," not the least of which is Shane's short-lived secret affair with Rick's wife, Lori. Needless to say, Rick could use a new go-to guy out there in the zombie apocalypse.

In the comic books, that's where Tyreese comes in. A former professional NFL football player, Tyreese bonds with Rick on multiple levels: both of them are fathers, and just like Rick, he'll do whatever he must to protect his family. Both of them are courageous on the battlefield, always the first to infiltrate a zombie-swarmed area to clear the way for their allies. But for all of their similarities, the two are often bogged down by the stress of their situation, taking their frustrations and insecurities out on each other.

There's no official word on Tyreese's involvement in "The Walking Dead," but if he does appear on the show, here are the five actors we would want to see playing the part.

Boris KodjoeBoris Kodjoe

"Undercovers" star Gugu Mbatha-Raw was one of my choices for Michonne earlier in the week, and I would love to see her co-star Boris Kodjoe as Tyreese, with or without her.

A physically imposing presence, Kodjoe also possesses the gentler qualities that Tyreese embodies on his best days.

Chad ColemanChad Coleman

The physical resemblance between Tyreese and actor Chad Coleman is absolutely astounding, and Coleman's qualifications for the role go beyond looks.

He was fantastic as Dennis "Cutty" Wise on "The Wire," and it's been far too long since the man had a regular television presence. "The Walking Dead" could very well be his next step.

Idris ElbaIdris Elba

Another veteran of "The Wire," Idris Elba is no stranger to comic book fare thanks to roles in "The Losers," "Thor" and "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance."

Elba doesn't always play the hero, but he's charming and personable enough to create an instantly likable Tyreese. He's also a natural when it comes to kicking ass and taking names, something that Tyreese does with some serious frequency.

Rockmond DunbarRockmond Dunbar

Fresh off of the recently canceled and criminally underrated "Terriers," Rockmond Dunbar is another solid pick for Tyreese. He doesn't necessarily have Tyreese's football player frame, but what he lacks in that department he more than makes up for with sheer personality and presence.

Dunbar, an immediately captivating performer, would be excellent as Tyreese.

Roger CrossRoger Cross

As Rick's right hand man, Tyreese is frequently thrown into the thick of battle against the armies of the undead.

Nobody on this list is better suited for that constant action component than Roger Cross of "24" fame, who would bring a lot of muscle and a ton of heart to "The Walking Dead."

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