Early 'Superman Flyby' Concept Art Reveals New Costume Design And Doomsday!

Superman Flyby DoomsdayLately, we’ve heard plenty of news about the Superman film of the future—the reboot that seemed to belong to Christopher Nolan before settling with fellow superhero-seasoned director Zack Snyder (with Nolan still involved in some capacity). Now we have a—decidedly more rare—update on two of the myriad abandoned Superman projects from the past.

Digital effect guru Steve Johnson recently revealed via his Facebook page some concept art for the J.J. Abrams-scripted “Superman Flyby,” a project dropped before 2006’s “Superman Returns” came to fruition. The sketches reveal a slightly more modern take on the Man of Steel's famous costume, with much less yellow in the “S” and gold stones at the belt area.

But the real kicker as far as Superman fans are concerned may be the art that never made it to Bryan Singer’s whack at the franchise. Three sketches of popular villain Doomsday mid-roar could have been held over from “Superman Returns” or slated for the sequel that never was.

Superman Flyby doomsday

Superman Flyby doomsday

No matter which film it was for, the Doomsday images hint at a Superman brawl many have speculated would've been far more satisfying than the Man of Steel's battle against a Lex Luthor bent on becoming a real estate baron.

How would Doomsday have changed "Superman Returns"? Would you like to see Doomsday in the upcoming Superman reboot? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!