SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Michonne In 'The Walking Dead' TV Series?

Michonne"The Walking Dead" is done with its first season, but fans of the comic book series can attest to the fact that there are stunning plot twists and excellent characters still on the way — not the least of whom is Michonne.

When she first appears in "The Walking Dead," Michonne is equipped with a samurai sword and two zombies shackled by chains. In other words, this is a woman who means business, proving herself capable of overcoming extreme adversity thanks to quick thinking and ruthless efficiency on the battlefield.

Because of Frank Darabont's affinity for the character, Michonne is a likely candidate to join "The Walking Dead" for season two. If she does indeed join the series, here are five actresses we would love to see in the part.

Gugu Mbatha-RawGugu Mbatha-Raw

The recently canceled "Undercovers" wasn't exactly the world's most popular television series, but breakout actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw proved herself as a talent to watch.

If she can repurpose her badass Samantha Bloom energy as Michonne on "The Walking Dead," she would make for an excellent addition to the cast of the AMC series.

Rutina WesleyRutina Wesley

Casting "True Blood" actress Rutina Wesley as Michonne is, admittedly, a two-pronged pick: on the one hand, her role as Tara on "True Blood" has gotten stale, and getting killed off would provide plenty of interesting stories for Sookie and the others. It would also free her up for Michonne, a much more empowered character than Tara, and the exact change of pace that this talented young actress deserves.

Tangi MillerTangi Miller

As Elena Tyler on "Felicity," Tangi Miller has already channelled her inner Michonne: without a doubt, Elena was one of the fiercest, smartest and cunning young women on television during the show's four-year run.

All she needs is a samurai sword and some zombies to use it on in order to bring Michonne to life.

Tracie ThomsTracie Thoms

Already the subject of a fan campaign, we can't argue that Tracie Thoms wouldn't be phenomenal as Michonne. The "Grindhouse" actress showed plenty of vim and vigor in her "Death Proof" segment, and not only that, she's a dead ringer for the sword-wielding zombie killer.

If Tracie gets cast as Michonne, we won't complain one bit.

Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana

Admittedly, casting Zoe Saldana as Michonne is a heck of a long shot. She has a blossoming career on the big screen what with roles in "Avatar," "Star Trek" and "The Losers," so her time for television is limited at best.

That said, if she could find the time, this warrior woman would be fantastic as Michonne. Let's face it — few people in Hollywood kick as much ass as Zoe does.

Who would you cast as Michonne? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!