Emma Stone Reveals Her 'Spider-Man' Hair - Say Hello To The New Gwen Stacy!

Emma StoneWhen we spoke to actress Emma Stone before the Thanksgiving holiday, she had just become a blonde (or rather, returned to being a blonde) for her upcoming role as Gwen Stacy in director Marc Webb's reboot of the "Spider-Man" movie franchise. This weekend we got our first look at Stone's new look for the film when she attended The Trevor Project's "Trevor LIVE" event.

Cast in the role back in October, Stone was originally rumored to be playing Mary Jane Watson — speculation that was undoubtedly spawned by the bright red hair she shared with Peter Parker's eventual love interest. However, when everything was made official, it was Gwen Stacy — and not Mary Jane Watson — who Stone was tagged to play in the film, leaving many to wonder whether she'd be going back to her blonde roots.

Emma Stone

As comic fans know, Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker's very first love interest, pre-dating the moment when the Marvel hero "hit the jackpot" with Mary Jane Watson. Peter's relationship with Gwen incorporated various landmark moments in the young hero's life — some of them tragic — and played a major role in him becoming the friendly neighborhood webslinger we know and love.

Webb's upcoming reboot of the "Spider-Man" movie franchise is scheduled to hit theaters in 2012.

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