'The Walking Dead' Season Finale, Krampus, And 'Yogi Bear' In Today's Twitter Report

Krampus Guy DavisLast night's "Walking Dead" season finale on AMC turned out to be mighty divisive in the Twitter Report feed. Rob Liefeld was a big fan, but Brian Keene, DJ Coffman and Brandon Jerwa all had criticisms to discuss, and Christos Gage had a theory to share about the whisper.

You can find out whose side you're on after the jump, where you'll also find a TwitPic link to some celebratory Krampus art from Guy Davis, a "Yogi Bear" movie-related wish and some harsh words for the Green Bay Packers' jerseys yesterday.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and these retweets comprise the Twitter Report for December 6, 2010.

@GuyDavisART "It's beginning to look a lot like Krampus! Ev'rywhere ya go~" http://twitpic.com/3den9b

-Guy Davis, Writer/Artist ("The Marquis," "B.P.R.D.")

"The Walking Dead" pt. 1: @BrianKeene An underwhelming and ultimately unsatisfying finale, but still better than 80% of the other sh-- on TV. #thewalkingdead

-Brian Keene, Writer ("Dead of Night," "Doom Patrol")

"The Walking Dead" pt. 2: @RickSpears Looks like someone botched the output for The Walking Dead. Or maybe they shot this last one on VHS.

-Rick Spears, Writer ("Black Metal," "Teenagers from Mars")

"The Walking Dead" pt. 3: @robertliefeld The Walking Dead is freaking awesome!!!!! Great finale!! Great season! The whisper is driving me nuts!!

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Youngblood")

"The Walking Dead" pt. 4: @jerwa We're still cool, WALKING DEAD, but you really needed another hour to pull off what you were going for there.

-Brandon Jerwa, Writer ("Highlander," "Battlestar Galactica")

"The Walking Dead" pt. 5: @Christosgage SPOILER: The scientist on WALKING DEAD whispered to Rick the same thing Bill Murray told Scarlett Johansson in LOST IN TRANSLATION.

-Christos Gage, Writer ("Union Jack," "Absolution")

"The Walking Dead" pt. 6: @djcoffman Last episode of Walking Dead seemed rushed and off. Not bad for 6 episode run. Would rather not revealed the CDC thing. Stick to books!!!

-DJ Coffman, Writer/Artist ("Hero By Night")

@JoshFialkov I wish my daughter was older so that I could forbid her ever seeing the Yogi Bear movie.

-Joshua Hale Fialkov, Writer ("Cyblade," "Elk's Run")

Deep Thought for the Day:

@jasonaaron Green Bay just raised the bar for ugly throwback uniforms.

-Jason Aaron, Writer ("Scalped," "Ghost Rider")

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