'The Walking Dead' Season Two Predictions: Where Does The Show Go Next?

The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" has drawn its first season to a close after only six episodes, but if you're worried about not getting your zombie fix for the next several months, don't fret — after all, the show is based on a comic book, so there's plenty of material to enjoy while "Walking Dead" is off the air. But in terms of the show itself, it's going to take some time for Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal and the rest of the acclaimed cast to resurface on your TV set.

That said, we already have some ideas about where "Walking Dead" is headed for season two, thanks to comments from the production team and our own suspicions based on the comic books. Check out our predictions for season two after the jump!

Growing Closer

In "TS-19," Dale managed to convinced Andrea to resist the urge to end it all, successfully leading her away from the self-destructing CDC and back on the road with their peers. Now that the whole gang is together at the outset of season two, we're excited to see these folks grow even closer, particularly Dale and Andrea — but given the high death rate in the land of "The Walking Dead," we're stopping short of expecting happy endings for anyone in the cast.

Romantic Tragedy

Speaking of unhappy outcomes, we're pretty sure we're going to see a big one at some point in season two — and here's your official spoiler warning — as Shane should already be dead at this point in the comic books. He's still alive, surprisingly, and while we don't know exactly when, where or how his story will end, it's a fair bet that the crazed cop will suffer a tragic fate in his quest to win Lori's heart.

Dixon Bros. Reunion

One of the major plot points of season one remained unresolved in last night's finale — namely, a Dixon Brothers reunion. Merle is still out there doing lord knows what, while Daryl has become an important member of the survivors group. Series writer Robert Kirkman recently told Entertainment Weekly to expect much more from actors Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus, going so far as to declare Daryl Dixon as his favorite character on the show.

This Is Our Farm House

"The Walking Dead" has featured numerous set pieces throughout its lengthy comic book run, but the one that's likeliest to appear next season is Hershel's farm. We're at the right moment in the story to visit the bitter old farmer and his religious family, and Frank Darabont has made it known that he plans to explore Hershel's farm at some point in the future. Season two, we're looking at you.

Michonne, My Bell

If there's one character you can count on seeing in the near future, it's Michonne. Darabont has made no secret over his love for the sword-wielding zombie killer, so it's just a matter of when and which episode she'll premiere in. Is it too early to start our Zoe Saldana casting campaign?

Tell us what you're expecting to see in season two of "The Walking Dead" in the comments section and on Twitter!