Another 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' Cast Member Injured During Preview Performance

Turn off the Dark"Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has already made headlines for reported financial difficulties, multiple safety concerns and lackluster reviews. It comes as little surprise then that yet another difficulty is emerging in the weeks leading up to the show's official January debut.

The New York Post reports that another injury has plagued the set of "Turn off the Dark." Natalie Mendoza, who plays Arachne in the musical, was reportedly struck on the head by a rope during the opening preview performance on Sunday night.

Mendoza felt fine immediately after the incident, but after performing again on Wednesday night, the actress fell ill and was unable to perform on Thursday. She'll be absent from the production for at least a week while understudy America Olivio fills in.

Mendoza's accident is just the latest in a string of dangerous mishaps that have left members of the show's cast with significant injuries. In November, aerialist Kevin Aubin broke both of his wrists when he landed at the lip of the stage as a result of a stunt gone wrong, while another actor broke his foot during a similarly dangerous rehearsal.

Safety issues have been an ongoing concern surrounding "Turn off the Dark," so much so that the beleaguered production required a two-week delay following an inability to complete a full safety evaluation. A source close to Actors Equity spoke to the New York Post about the show's safety issues, saying: "I’m very disappointed in Equity. They seem to have been somewhat lax about safety from the beginning. They should have been in there before any of these injuries happened."

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