Mark Ruffalo Will Read 'Avengers' Script Next Week, Teases Hulk's Role

The new face of Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo, is rapidly approaching his debut as Hulk's human alter ego — but don't expect the actor to reveal too many details about his role in 2012's superhero team-up extravaganza "The Avengers."

When MTV News snagged a few minutes with Ruffalo at this week's Gotham Awards, we asked him about rumors that Hulk would be the villain in "Avengers," and whether he's hulking out for his upcoming turn as Marvel's green goliath.

"I've been walking past the mirror and doing some of my Hulk moves," joked Ruffalo. "I'm getting there."

And while he laughed about the idea of "hulking out" for the film, Ruffalo made it clear that the beginning of his "Avengers" adventure is right around the corner.

"I'm actually reading [the script] next week," he told MTV News. "I'm going to go work with Joss [Whedon] and Robert Downey Jr. and start to make the magic happen."

As for whether Hulk will be The Avengers" villain, the actor offered up a mischievous grin and began rubbing his hands together diabolically.

"He may or may not be," he said, smiling.

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