Bono Says He's Green Goblin, The Edge Is Spider-Man

The "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" musical had a rough debut this week, but even a questionable turn on Broadway isn't likely to hurt the 48-year-old character's popularity. The story of Peter Parker's evolution into one of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel Universe has long resonated with hardcore comics fans and mainstream audiences alike — and the occasional rock star, too.

When MTV News sat down with U2 bandmates Bono and The Edge to discuss "Turn Off The Dark," the pair both saw some similarities between Spidey's story and their own lives.

"He grow up in Queens, we grew up on the north side of Dublin, [we both had] fairly humble origins," Bono told MTV News. "He falls in love with the girl next door, I married the girl next door. He starts to put on a silly costume, yes..."

For Bono's fellow musician The Edge, the similarities between himself and Peter Parker were found not in his exploits as Spider-Man, but in the way he's treated when he's not out being a superhero.

"There are lots of similarities. One I can particularly relate to is, he's a superhero, he can do loads of stuff, but when he comes home, he's put back into his place," said The Edge. "There's nothing about what he does out in the world that means anything when he's with his loved ones. He still gets sh-- for being late for dinner..."

However, Bono was quick to add that, now that he thinks about it, he might be more like Spider-Man's arch-enemy than the webslinger.

"I think Peter Parker is more of The Edge," laughed Bono. "I'm more of a Green Goblin situation... on a Friday night, anyway."

"You want to be careful, because you know who wins that fight," added The Edge.

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