Mark Wahlberg 'Interested' In 'The Crow' Reboot, But Waiting On Script

Back in October, there was no shortage of online debate regarding a report that actor Mark Wahlberg had been offered the lead role in a remake of the 1994 Brandon Lee film "The Crow." Since then, the project has fallen into limbo, with writer/director Stephen Norrington announcing his departure from the movie after an unnamed actor requested a rewrite of the script.

While Norrington's comments hinted that Wahlberg might not be the actor in question, MTV News made sure to ask the actor for his take on all the buzz surrounding "The Crow" when we sat down with him during a press junket for his new film "The Fighter."

"[I'm] interested in the director," Wahlberg told MTV News. "[But] there's no real script and nothing is set up, so..."

It's unknown whether Wahlberg was referring to Norrington or an as-yet-unnamed filmmaker taking over the project, but it appears that "The Crow" is indeed on the actor's radar. Whether that's a good or bad thing for fans is, well... for the comment section to debate.

Have at it, "Crow" fans!

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