Is Zack Snyder's Superman Reboot Leaning Toward 'Watchmen' Actor?

SupermanThe race to find the next Man of Steel is officially on, but is it possible that director Zack Snyder has already found his Clark Kent? That's the case according to a new rumor that pegs British actor Matthew Goode as the front-runner for the role!

Movie Newz reports the rumor of Goode's possible casting, and if there's any truth to the news — and that's a big if at this point — then the actor's involvement would signal something of a "Watchmen" reunion; Goode famously played Adrian "Ozymandias" Veidt in Snyder's adaptation of the classic graphic novel in 2009.

Having already worked with Snyder, on a comic book movie no less, Goode's chances seem better than others when it comes to "Superman." But he's not exactly the most muscular actor in Hollywood, begging the question: does Goode have what it takes to physically embody the Man of Steel?

As it turns out, the actor might not have to bulk up for the role, if the second portion of today's rumor turns out to be true: according to Movie Newz, not only is Goode the front runner for Superman, but Snyder is planning to rely heavily on CGI for the superhero's appearance. That means intense bodybuilding wouldn't be necessary for Goode, as "Superman" would lean on computer enhanced effects ala Ryan Reynolds in "Green Lantern."

It's an interesting rumor, to say the least. Goode's got the height, face and dramatic potential for Superman, though he's definitely lacking in the muscular department — something that might not be a problem for Snyder if the director chooses CGI over practical effects.

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