EXCLUSIVE: 'Metalocalypse/Dethklok' #2 Preview

Metalocalypse / Dethklok comicBack in September we gave you your first look at "Metalocalypse/Dethklok," the new comic book series from Dark Horse Comics based on the Adult Swim animated series "Metalocalypse" — and now we have an exclusive look inside the second issue!

Written by "Metalocalypse" creator/writer Brendon Small and director/designer Jon Schnepp, the second issue of the comic finds the band returning to Helsinki after an earlier performance that awakened a massive, angry, and viciously destructive troll. In our six-page preview, the band debates the existence of the supernatural as only they can, and gets ready for what's likely to be an even more devastating encore.

"Metalocalypse/Dethklok" #2 hits shelves December 15, and will feature a cover by "The Goon" creator Eric Powell.

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Official solicit info:

Metalocalypse/Dethklok #2 (Jon Schnepp cover)

Writer: Brendon Small, Jon Schnepp, Jeremy Barlow

An especially brutal Dethklok gig has resulted in the destruction of Helsinki, in no small part due to a gargantuan troll accidentally awakened from the depths of Lake Bodom. Now Dethklok have returned to the scene, seeking to make amends, not knowing that there are worse things waiting for them in the blackness of the lake. Meddling with the supernatural can only lead to one thing . . . new pets for the band?

* Based on the popular Adult Swim animated series Metalocalypse. New season begins in August! Brutal!

* Stories by series creator/writer Brendon Small and series director/designer Jon Schnepp! Brutaler!

* Variant cover by The Goon creator Eric Powell! Brutalest!

Publication Date: December 15, 2010

Format: FC, 40 pages

Price: $3.99

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