EXCLUSIVE: Jon Favreau's 'Cowboys & Aliens' Trailer Commentary

These days, having the director of a film provide a commentary track on the DVD or Blu-Ray is nothing new, but what about a trailer?

Jon Favreau's "Cowboys & Aliens" trailer had the Internet buzzing last week, earning near-unanimous approval for the "Iron Man" filmmaker's adaptation of the Platinum Studios comic book. Given how well our first look at "Cowboys & Aliens" was received — and let's face it, how much we love everything with Favreau's name on it — MTV News sat down with the director in his L.A. editing studio to get a first-hand account of what went into the trailer for the 2011 film.

"This is new for me," laughed Favreau. "I'm already doing a commentary track on a movie that I'm in the middle of the director's cut."

Discussing the first shot of star Daniel Craig waking in the middle of the desert, Favreau said he cast the film as he would've if it had just been a Western — sans any sci-fi element. He added that the idea for the alien technology shackled to Craig's character's wrist was producer Steven Spielberg's idea.

According to Favreau, that first scene with Craig is currently the opening scene in the film — so we really are getting a cold intro to the story.

The filmmaker also clarified some online speculation that some of the movie's wire-work made an unintentional appearance in the trailer. At several points in the film, characters are seen being yanked into the sky, with one shot clearly showing some rope-like wires wrapped around an airborne background actor.

"When you see more about how the aliens work, there's a device that they abduct people with that that is a practical element of," he explained. "So it's not a mistake."

Finally, after providing MTV News with a director's commentary on the trailer, Favreau also offered up a few more bites about the film, discussing how he played with genre rules in the film, how much of the film we're actually seeing in the trailer, and the casting of veteran actor Harrison Ford. You can watch those segments below:

"Every Genre Has Its Own Set Of Rules"

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Harrison Ford Casting Was "A Long Shot"

"Cowboys & Aliens" is scheduled to premiere in July 2011. You can check out a few more photos from the movie in our "Cowboys & Aliens" photo gallery.

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