Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Gets The Comic Book Movie Adaptation Treatment

Mark ZuckerbergDavid Fincher and Aaron Sorkin may have had the first laugh in chronicling the life and times of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in "The Social Network," but the young entrepreneur is getting another shot at the big screen — by way of a comic book movie adaptation, no less!

Bluewater Productions have announced via press release that the publisher is teaming up with Hayden 5 Media to create an animated film based off the comic book about the Facebook founder, titled "Mark Zuckerberg and the Found."

According to the press release, the production will lean on a mixture of live-action filmmaking and animation, for a visual look and feel that's very similar to the film "A Scanner Darkly."

"When we found out that Bluewater was releasing this comic, we knew we had to get on board," said Todd Wiseman, President of Hayden 5 Media, in a statement. "We saw a great opportunity to re-tell the story of Mark Zuckerburg post-'Social Network' in a brighter, animated form that could be enjoyed and understood by a broader audience."

"This will not be the last retelling of the Marc Zuckerburg story," added Milos Silber, Executive Producer at Hayden 5 Media. "We're just aware of the profound impact of Facebook, and with over 500 million users, we're bound to have an audience. One that is more willing to watch a shortened, visually captivating summary of this short epic online, or on their favorite network."

The "Mark Zuckerberg and the Found" comic book hits stores in late December with a suggested retail price of $6.99.

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