New 'Green Hornet' Trailer Blasts Its Way Online

It's been a little while since we provided an update on "The Green Hornet," director Michel Gondry's 3-D adaptation of the classic pulp hero starring Seth Rogen in the title role and Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou as his sidekick Kato.

But that certainly doesn't mean that the folks behind the film haven't been busy! See for yourself in the all-new trailer for "Green Hornet," which just debuted online today showing off all the comedy and action that the Rogen-starring film has to offer.

In "The Green Hornet," Rogen stars as Britt Reid, the son of the most respected media magnate in all of Los Angeles. A party animal who leaches off of his father's hard-earned wealth, Britt receives a wakeup call in the form of his father's mysterious death. Now the inheritor of his dad's vast media empire, Britt's life changes a mile per minute particularly upon meeting Kato, an old employee of his father's. Together, Britt and Kato agree to do something useful with their lives: fighting crime alongside one another, with Britt transforming himself into the vigilante known as The Green Hornet!

Armed with advanced weaponry and riding along in The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with firepower aplenty, the new pair of crime-fighters are ready for whatever comes their way — but are they powerful enough to tango with Benjamin Chudnofsky, the most powerful criminal in the Los Angeles underground?

"The Green Hornet" arrives in theaters January 14, 2011, in standard, 3-D and IMAX screenings.

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