Grant Morrison Reveals His My Chemical Romance Character

Grant MorrisonWe've seen him in action, now it's time to hear it from the man himself — who exactly is the mischievous villain that Grant Morrison is playing in My Chemical Romance's recent "Na Na Na" music video?

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times, Morrison has significantly pulled the curtain back on his devil-grinning character. The man is named Korse, apparently, and his still unrevealed backstory is "extensive" — and with Morrison's involvement, we'd expect nothing less.

"Korse is an exterminator for the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit of Better Living Industries," the celebrated comic book writer turned actor revealed. "His extensive back story has yet to be revealed but he’s intimately connected with the Killjoys and their secret history. He’s a remorseless human bloodhound, a hunter who dresses like an undead, post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday."

Morrison went on to praise My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way, who is also the writer and co-creator of "The Umbrella Academy" and "Killjoys" for Dark Horse Comics.

"Gerard is the real deal and certainly not a tourist in comics," said Morrison. "He was an intern back at Vertigo when I was doing The Invisibles. He loves comics books, so he was obviously comfortable with the language and the storytelling rhythms. What I love most about 'Umbrella Academy' is its humor and the mad, surrealist edge, which wasn’t exactly what I expected from him after hearing 'The Black Parade' record. It’s a very accomplished and distinctive comic with great art by Gabriel Ba – and the second volume is even sharper than the first."

As for whether or not we can expect Morrison to reprise the role of Korse again somewhere down the line, the writer offered a cryptic reply: "You should be quaking in your beds, I’m afraid, but it’s already too late! Evil is the new black, apparently."

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