'Green Lantern' Trailer 101: Get To Know Kilowog

KilowogEveryone’s buzzing about the new "Green Lantern" trailer showcasing Ryan Reynolds in the role of cocky test pilot Hal Jordan.

The trailer also shows a few of Hal’s alien colleagues in the Green Lantern Corps, including his brutish trainer, Kilowog. The massive alien is a fan-favorite character that can be seen around the 1:50 mark in the trailer, giving Hal an up-close appraisal that makes him wince.

However, since we know the Green Lantern universe might not be familiar turf for all of our readers (and some might need a refresher course), here’s a primer on the baddest poozer ever to wield a Green Lantern ring — but beware of potential spoilers!!!


Kilowog was born on Bolovax Vik, a planet in space sector 674 whose society operated by a system quite similar to communism. A brilliant geneticist, Kilowog was recruited into the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps, whose incredible power rings were created by the near-immortal Guardians of the Universe. Kilowog was trained by a Lantern named Ermey who often called the guy a “poozer,” a slang term that meant “useless rookie.” When several GLs were in trouble, Ermey led Kilowog and other trainees into battle, but died in the process. In his last moments, he painted a Lantern symbol on Kilowog’s chest, indicating he was no longer a rookie, and told him that he would be a leader some day.

Kilowog became a respected Lantern and a trusted teacher to trainees in the Corps, often referring to them as a “bunch of poozers.” One of his trainees was Hal Jordan of Earth, the first human to become a member of the Corps. Kilowog and Hal became friends and fought alongside each other on various missions over the years, facing menaces such as the death lord Nekron, the cosmic villain Krona, and Hal Jordan’s other teacher, Sinestro, who went renegade and became a major enemy of the Corps.


During the story "Crisis On Infinite Earths" (also known as "First Crisis"), reality itself was threatened by a villain known as the Anti-Monitor. Time and space were corrupted and although the heroes won in the end, it wasn’t without a cost. Kilowog’s entire planet was wiped out by anti-matter, leaving him the sole survivor of a now-extinct race.

Kilowog relocated to Earth for a while and began working with the U.S.S.R. But he soon discovered that Earth’s system of communism was highly flawed compared to how his planet had operated, and he parted ways with that part of the world. Kilowog then traveled the stars and found a place where he could make a new home for his people. Although Bolivax was gone, Kilowog had discovered a way to revive the spirits of his entire society of 16 billion people with his ring.

However, soon after he had the spirits of his race settled on the new planet, it was destroyed by Sinestro. Kilowog went insane for a while, traumatized by Sinestro’s act of destroying even the spirits of his entire people, now leaving him more alone than before.

For a while, Kilowog acted as a mechanic and technician for the Justice League, before later returning to service in the Green Lantern Corps. When Hal Jordan was corrupted by the fear-entity called Parallax, Kilowog was one of several Green Lanterns who challenged Jordan, only to meet his end at his former pupil's hands.

Kilowog was later revived by Hal Jordan's successor, Kyle Rayner, and has since taken a leave of absence from training new recruits, preferring to act more directly as a Green Lantern again.

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