The 'Green Lantern' Trailer Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed!

Green LanternThe "Green Lantern" trailer hit the 'net like a flaming green fist to the jaw this week, and now it seems like everyone has something to say about the first footage from Ryan Reynolds' debut as Hal Jordan.

Still, even after repeated viewings, there are a few elements you might have missed in the trailer. For example, did you see where the Star Sapphire symbol turned up? What about the explosive scene involving what may or may not be Parallax?

They're in there — you just need to know where to look.

Green Lantern


In the DC comics universe, Carol Ferris has frequently battled Hal Jordan as Star Sapphire, a powerful being who wields a gem with powers similar to Green Lantern's ring. Comic fans will recognize the symbol on Carol's helmet at the 0:33 mark in the trailer as the symbol of the Star Sapphire, one of Green Lantern's recurring foes.

Green Lantern


See that yellow, swirling stuff in Hector Hammond's eyes? It's not a difficult leap in logic to assume that means he under the sway of Parallax, the yellow-hued embodiment of fear familiar to anyone who's read a Green Lantern story over the last decade or so. We get a glimpse of the whirling energy in Hector's eyes right around the 1:57 mark, and it's already been confirmed that Parallax will have a role to play in the film, so...

Oh, and some readers have suggested that the red tinge in Hector's eyes might be a hint that the rage-fueled Red Lanterns might have a part to play in Hector's evil turn. Could we be adding yet another color from the emotional spectrum to the forces at work in "Green Lantern"?

Green Lantern


Right around the 2:09 mark in the trailer, there's a shot of a purple-skinned Green Lantern having an explosive encounter with a massive yellow structure. We already discussed the presence of Parallax in the movie, but who's that purple-skinned Lantern? I speculated back when the trailer first went live that it might be Sinestro having the encounter that finally makes him a source of fear instead of a savior from it. However, a few readers indicated that it might be Abin Sur taking the hit that eventually forces him to crash on Earth. What do you think?

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