The 'Green Lantern' Trailer's Five Best Moments

Green LanternThe "Green Lantern" trailer has finally arrived, and whether you loved it or hated it, it's bound to be a big talking point over the next few days.

Personally, I'm still on the fence about Hal Jordan's arrival on the big screen next year, eagerly anticipating that first piece of footage that blows me away like the first trailer for "Iron Man" or "Batman Begins." We all know how great a "Green Lantern" movie could be, so the bar is set pretty high for Hal and the Green Lantern Corps.

However, that doesn't mean the first full "Green Lantern" trailer was lacking some impressive moments — quite the contrary, in fact.

Here are my five favorite moments from the new "Green Lantern" trailer, which you can watch in high-def at iTunes. In fact, if you haven't watched it yet, head on over there and see it for yourself, then come back and join the discussion. It's more fun that way.

Green Lantern


This isn't our first look at the ring Abin Sur bequeathed to Hal Jordan, but it's our first really good, revealing shot of the source of the Green Lanterns' power. One of the most recognizable symbols in all of comics, the shape figures prominently in the ring and it certainly looks as if the designers took their time coming up with just the right look for it. So many versions of Hal's ring in comics, animated features, video games or other media tend to make it look plastic or simply not hefty enough to carry such immense power. This ring, however, looks like it can throw a pretty impressive (and flaming green) right hook.

Green Lantern


The fin-headed alien from Xudar is a fan-favorite member of the Green Lantern Corps, and it was nice to see him make the cut for the live-action movie. His appearance in the trailer isn't really a surprise, as he made a quick cameo in the "Green Lantern" footage shown during San Diego Comic-Con, but this is our first good, fully pause-able chance to see how he'll look on the big screen. Now if we could just get a shot of Ch'P...

Green Lantern


We've only seen brief glimpses of Mark Strong as Sinestro until now, and it's nice to not have to extrapolate what he'll look like from a poster or blurry teaser clip. I think it's pretty safe to say that the live-action Sinestro looks quite faithful to his comics counterpart, and to be honest, Strong's pedigree in all things villainy had us feeling pretty good about this casting from the start. Sure, he's going to be a good guy in this film, but we all know where Sinestro is headed — and this shot makes me feel a little better about getting there.

Green Lantern


Yes, we already saw this scene with Kilowog in the teaser trailer, but come on... it's Kilowog! With the exception of Ch'P and Mogo (who might not even appear in the film), Kilowog is the character I'm most looking forward to seeing on the big screen. This is only the briefest of scenes featuring the bruiser from Bolovax Vik, but I like what I've seen so far.

Green Lantern


You might have missed this last scene, but it occurs right around the 2:05 mark in the trailer. All I know is that there's something big and yellow and glowing, and a guy with purple skin who may or may not be Sinestro flying (or being blasted) away from it. That's right... it's yellow energy... and a guy who might be Sinestro. It could be nothing... or it could be something. Hmm.

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