Edgar Wright On The 'Scott Pilgrim' Box Office: 'Anything That's Different Is Harder To Sell'

"Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" arrived on DVD and Blu-Ray last week, offering what could be the closing chapter on one of the most interesting — and for many, frustrating — stories of the year when it comes to the comics-to-film process. The product of a celebrated pairing of filmmaker and source material, director Edgar Wright's adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic book series lived up to (and possibly exceeded) fans' expectations when it came to capturing the appeal of the books — but fell dramatically short of expectations at the box office.

When Wright dropped by Splash Page HQ last week, we asked him why he felt things turned out the way they did with his "Scott Pilgrim" experience.

"Anything that's a little bit different is a little bit harder to sell," Wright told MTV News. "And when you have to go beyond the core of the geek audience — and I say that as a geek myself, I don't use it as a derogatory term — you have to work a little bit harder."

Wrights said he encountered a recurring theme while promoting the project — one that added an extra layer of difficulty to the process of introducing his film to audiences less savvy in geek culture.

"I felt that along the press tour — sometimes it would be a thing where you would find yourself recommending it, but there was always some kind of extra qualification," he explained. "You'd find yourself saying sentences like, 'You don't have to play Nintendo games to enjoy 'Scott Pilgrim.'"

"Suddenly you just feel like there's a lot of extra baggage," he said.

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