'Men In Black 3' Production Hiatus Expected To Last From Christmas Through February

Men in BlackThere's nothing easy about spending every waking hour of every single day running around hunting aliens and monitoring their everyday activities — sometimes, employees of the MIB agency simply need a break.

To that end, the production team responsible for "Men in Black 3" is about to get some time off. The Los Angeles Times reports that shooting on the long developing "Men in Black" threequel is finally set to commence in New York City today, but there's a catch — the production will take a nearly two-month hiatus once it wraps for the holidays.

According to the report, the current plan is to shoot "Men in Black" through the week of Christmas before shutting down until the middle of February. But depending on who you believe, the reasons for the hiatus either stem from creative difficulties or the need to take advantage of New York State tax incentives.

"We had to start shooting this year to take advantage of New York State tax incentives, but we also needed to be able to shoot certain exteriors in warmer weather," producer Walter Parkes said of the hiatus. "So back in July we had the idea to keep the start date but build in a hiatus so we could essentially extend the production to late spring.”

But that's not the only possible explanation. The Los Angeles Times cites two anonymous sources saying that there have been some creative difficulties surrounding the film's time-traveling plot. Screenwriter Jeff Nathanson has reportedly been brought in to work on a new draft of the film's script, specifically dealing with the segments of the film that travel backward in time to 1969, where Josh Brolin plays a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' character.

According to the report, the current block of filming will focus on modern day scenes, with the production shifting gears for the 1969 plot once shooting resumes in February.

Do you believe "Men in Black 3" is simply being delayed for tax incentive reasons, or do you smell some creative disagreements in the air? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!