Gerard Butler & Antoine Fuqua Team Up For 'Afterburn' Adaptation

AfterburnGerard Butler isn't likely to reprise his role as King Leonidas for "Xerxes," director Zack Snyder's planned sequel to "300" — not unless he's appearing in a flashback, or as a zombie Spartan for that matter — but that doesn't mean that the Scottish actor is done swimming in the comic book pool.

According to Deadline, Butler is in talks with Relativity Media to star in "Afterburn," the production company's adaptation of the Red 5 Comics series created by Paul Ens and Scott Chitwood.

In addition to Butler's possible involvement, Relativity is reportedly looking to hire "Training Day" filmmaker Antoine Fuqua to fill out the director's chair.

"Afterburn" takes place in a world where a massive solar flare has decimated the Eastern Hemisphere, turning Europe, Africa and Asia into utter wastelands scarcely populated by irradiated mutants. But where there's a wasteland, there's an ancient relic to discover.

That's where Jake and his team of recovery experts come in; these mercenaries specialize in voyaging through quarantine zones to obtain artifacts for their wealthy clients. It's not an easy job, of course, as Jake and his men are tasked with squaring off against the mutant hostiles as well as rival treasure hunters and pirates — but hey, someone's gotta do it.

Butler and Fuqua's possible attachment to "Afterburn" isn't the first update we've heard on the comic book adaptation. In early 2009, it was reported that Tobey Maguire's Maguire Entertainment and Neal Moritz's Original Films were fast tracking the project with screenwriter Matt Johnson tackling the script. Deadline reports that "A Man Apart" scribe Christian Gudegast is possibly coming aboard to write another pass based on Johnson's original script.

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