'Cowboys & Aliens' Poster Premieres Online

Cowboys & AliensComic book movie fans are in for a treat next summer with the arrival of "Cowboys & Aliens" from "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau. Given the familiar filmmaker's involvement, not to mention an impressive cast that includes Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde — and, obviously, the film title itself — is there really anything else you need to know about the movie ahead of time?

The answer, if you're confused, is no — but that doesn't make the first official poster for "Cowboys & Aliens" any less awesome.

Yahoo Movies has posted the very first poster from "Cowboys & Aliens," depicting an old Western hero (Craig) with his back turned to us, a rifle in one hand and a mysterious glowing wrist-mounted weapon on his other arm. In short, it's a perfect picture of Wild West badassery.

Craig stars in "Cowboys & Aliens" as an amnesiac stranger who comes to the desert town of Absolution without a single memory of his past intact. What he lacks in history he more than makes up for with a mysterious shackle attached to his left wrist. The men and women of Absolution don't exactly take kindly to the stranger's presence, largely due to the fearful lifestyle that's been instilled on them from the totalitarian Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford).

The stranger's reputation takes a sharp turn upwards when monsters from the sky begin attacking the folks of Absolution, rendering the mysterious man as the town's only hope. Forced to fight alongside each other or die alone, the stranger assembles all of the gunslingers, warriors and able-bodied individuals he can in order to defend Absolution from utter destruction.

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