'Green Lantern' Teaser: Five Things We Didn't See (But Want To)!

Green LanternThose of you who stayed away from Splash Page over the weekend might not have noticed that an all-too-brief 30-second teaser of the "Green Lantern" trailer premiered online, with the full trailer set to debut on Tuesday, November 16 courtesy of Entertainment Tonight.

That's right — we got out first official glimpse of Hal Jordan transforming into the defender of Space Sector 2814, not to mention an official first look at Kilowog and our best sense yet of the movie's tone.

But there are a few things we didn't see in this first clip, of course — things that, quite frankly, should really be included in the full-length trailer if DC Entertainment wants to win over the crowd. After the jump, check out the five omissions we missed the most from the "Green Lantern" teaser!

Abin Sur

Hal is gifted with the opportunity -- or is it a burden? -- of becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps thanks to the untimely death of Abin Sur, played in the film by Temuera Morrison. As such a prominent part of the "Green Lantern" mythos, here's hoping that Sur gets his due in the full-length trailer.


Another character that's curiously absent from the footage is a good shot of Sinestro, the purple-skinned Green Lantern who initially serves as a mentor for Hal Jordan before showing his true colors -- yellow, not purple, as it turns out -- and becoming our hero's greatest rival. We've been jonesing for the character ever since Geoff Johns described Mark Strong as "a brilliant Sinestro" earlier this year, so let's hope our cravings are satisfied on Tuesday night.

Ham On, Hammond

Peter Sarsgaard stars in "Green Lantern" as Hector Hammond, who becomes a bigheaded bad guy after accidental exposure to a strange meteor. We got a little taste of Hammond in the "Green Lantern" teaser, but hopefully he'll have greater screen time in the full-length version of the footage.

Balls to the Waller

One of the most surprising announcements on the "Green Lantern" front was the casting of Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller, an established DC Comics character with ties to Checkmate and the Suicide Squad. We've been wondering if Waller would serve as a connecting thread throughout DC's film work in the same way as Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, so getting a glimpse at Bassett's performance would certainly satisfy our curiosity.

Reynolds' Range

First off, we've got nothing against Ryan Reynolds. As the man responsible for both Hal Jordan and the inimitable Wade Wilson, the guy is practically a geek hero. That said, it would be nice to see more of the heroic Hal in the full-length trailer, not just the jokier aspects Reynolds clearly excels at. "Green Lantern" should certainly have its moments of levity, but at its core, this is a dramatic story about willpower and overcoming adversity -- we need to see some of that in Reynolds' performance if we're going to be convinced that he was the right actor for Hal.

Tell us what you want to see from the "Green Lantern" trailer in the comments section and on Twitter!

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