'Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series' Bonus Feature Takes You Inside The (New) TARDIS

The countdown is finally over for "Doctor Who" fans eagerly anticipating the release of "Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" on DVD or Blu-Ray, and along with the big giveaway we kicked off today to celebrate the set's arrival, we also have another exclusive peek at the bonus features found in the collection.

This time around, it's a personal tour of the new TARDIS set (and a peek at the old) from Amy Pond herself, actress Karen Gillan.

Yes, that's the old TARDIS from last season's Tenth Doctor adventures seen at the start of the footage. Looks a little sad and lonely, eh?

Previously, we gave you a look at the making of the new Daleks, and why their big debut last season was rooted in a very specific episode from years ago. We also had a clip of showrunner Steven Moffat and other members of the cast and crew discussing the return of the Silurians last season and the makeover they received for the modern series.

"Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray today (Tuesday, November 9). Keep it locked to Splash Page for more "Doctor Who" info, interviews, and reviews as the series continues in television and comics.

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