Spider-Man Musical's Director Speaks Out About Delays

Turn off the Dark"Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" is officially delayed -- again -- until January 11, 2011, but don't expect too many drastic changes to be made to the developing musical as a result.

“There are no changes coming to the actual show,” director Julie Taymor declared in an interview with Showbiz 411. “All the changes have to do with technical things. The flying, of course. But also all the wires, and the changes between scenes. We may need a little bit of an underscore to cover a move, or a small transition that needs to be smoothed."

“This is an ambitious production,” she continued. “But I have enthusiastic, talented supporters here who want to be here. It’s not like I’m one person doing this. I can’t force intelligent, experienced people to do something they don’t want to do.”

Indeed, Taymor said that she's surprised by all of the negativity that's been thrown towards the "Spider-Man" musical, saying: "This is a time of terrible unemployment. We have around 200 people involved in this, being paid every week. Do we really want to see them lose their jobs? It's unbelievable."

Furthermore, the director said that the new January premiere date is actually a positive change. "We love 1-1-11," she said, referring to the musical's new premiere date. "We could have opened earlier, but the holidays were in the way. This is the perfect date."

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