It's Official: Spider-Man Musical Delayed Until January

Turn off the DarkIt's official: "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has been delayed once again.

Following yesterday's news that producers of the "Spider-Man" musical failed to present all of the show's aerial and flying stunts to visiting safety inspectors from the New York State Department of Labor earlier this week, it now appears that production on the musical has officially been delayed by three weeks.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that the musical's planned December 21 debut has been pushed back to January 11, 2011. A statement from producer Michael Cohl reads: “Shows like ours, that embrace the challenge of opening on Broadway without an out-of-town tryout, often need to adjust their schedules along the way."

Additionally, The New York Times cites two theater executives speaking under conditions of anonymity as saying that preview performances, previously scheduled to begin on November 14, will now be pushed back by two weeks. The executives cited "a tremendous amount of creative commotion behind the scenes" and the continuing development of flying sequences, special effects and even sections of the plot and dialogue as additional reasons for the delays.

Earlier this week, New York State Department of Labor spokesman Leo Rosales said that "all two dozen" of the "Spider-Man" musical's aerial maneuvers needed to be presented to the agency within 10 days in order for preview performances to begin as scheduled. Based on this latest news, it appears that producers have resigned themselves to not meeting that time frame.

Safety issues have been a major concern on the "Spider-Man" front following an on-set accident earlier this fall. Actor Kevin Aubin was injured during an aerial stunt that saw him launched from the back of the state like a slingshot, breaking both of his wrists in the process. An investigation into the injury is ongoing.

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