'Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series' Giveaway - Day 2!

Doctor WhoOkay, so yesterday I asked you to tell me your favorite moments from the latest "Doctor Who" series in order to have a chance at winning a copy of "Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" and your very own sonic screwdriver, and... well... let's just say you made the giveaway one of the most commented-on stories in Splash Page history!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Congrats to MTV.com reader Stephanie for winning the first Series 5 set and sonic screwdriver! Check your MTV.com user account for details!]

The response was so overwhelming, in fact, that we're going to give away another copy of "Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" (and a sonic screwdriver) ahead of the collection's November 9 arrival on DVD and Blu-Ray. So if you didn't win yesterday's giveaway — and there are a lot of you — you have another chance to win!

Oh, and just like yesterday's giveaway, you're going to have to prove your "Doctor Who" savvy in order to get your hands on any of this sweet "Who" swag.

Here's what we're giving away:

- One copy of "Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" on DVD or Blu-Ray (your choice)

- One Series 5 Sonic Screwdriver (it's awesome — I own one myself)

And here's what you need to do to win:

1. Post a comment at the end of this story telling me your favorite villain from Series and why that character (or group of characters) was your favorite. Was it the underground-dwelling Silurians? The return of the Weeping Angels? Or did the Daleks EXTERMINATE their competition?

2. If you're Twitter-enabled, keep an eye out for when this post hits the official MTV Splash Page Twitter account. ReTweet the full message (including hashtags) to all of your followers.

3. Tomorrow (Friday, November 5) at 5 PM Eastern, I'll randomly select one winner from everyone who ReTweeted the message and/or posted a comment. (That means that if you post a comment and RT the message on Twitter, you have two chances to win instead of one!) Keep in mind: If you want to win via Twitter, you must be following @MTVSplashPage to win, because I need to be able to direct-message the winning account.

4. The winner will receive a message on their MTV.com reader account (or direct-message tweet) from me, as well as "Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" on DVD or Blu-Ray (your choice) and a Series 5 Sonic Screwdriver.

And that's all you have to do! (That and making sure to check your MTV.com reader account after 5 PM Eastern tomorrow, of course.)


Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Remember: "Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series" hits shelves Tuesday, November 9!

Enter the contest in the comment section and/or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!