'Spider-Man' Villain Rhys Ifans Explains Why He's 'Very, Very Excited' For New Film

Rhys IfansA major piece of the casting puzzle on director Marc Webb's "Spider-Man" reboot fell into place last month with the announcement that Welsh actor Rhys Ifans is playing the film's villain. But exactly who that villain is remains to be seen, though popular opinion has Ifans playing Doctor Curt Connors, the scientist who tragically transforms into the terrifying Lizard.

But you won't get a peep out of Ifans on that front. Speaking with The Associated Press, all that Ifans would say about his upcoming villainous turn in "Spider-Man" is that he's "very, very excited about it."

"I'm constantly suppressing a very wide smile," said the actor. "It's a great script, great director and the money ain't bad."

Ifans also commented on the fact that the two male leads in the "Spider-Man" film, played by himself as well as Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, are both non-American. "It's quite cool this one," he said, "to have Spider-Man and his villain both from the U.K."

Although he's keeping quiet on the "Spider-Man" front for now, Ifans has an opportunity to stretch his villainous muscles thanks to his work on "Neverland," a forthcoming two-part television movie currently in production. Ifans stars in the telemovie as Captain Hook, easily one of the most iconic bad guys in popular fiction.

"It's every boy's dream to play Captain Hook," said the actor. "We've all grown up with that myth and legend, so big boots to fill, but a lot of fun."

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