Spider-Man Musical Could Suffer Another Delay Due To Safety Issues

Turn off the DarkGiven the already tumultuous history of "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark," the Broadway musical adaptation of the classic Marvel Comics character, it's sadly unsurprising that the production has hit yet another snag less than two weeks before the curtains are scheduled to go up.

The New York Times reports that producers were unable to demonstrate all of the flying and aerial maneuvers performed in the "Spider-Man" musical for visiting safety inspectors from the New York State Department of Labor on Wednesday.

Department spokesman Leo Rosales said that "all two dozen" aerial maneuvers must be approved by the agency in the next 10 days in order for preview performances to begin as scheduled on November 14.

“The producers were not prepared to demonstrate all of the maneuvers today, as they were supposed to, because they weren’t ready for the all of the flying and aerial work to be shown,” said Rosales. “We made it clear that we need to see every maneuver before they are legally allowed to hold their first performance. This is a unique production, with an unprecedented amount of activity going on directly above audiences, so we want to see each one of those activities demonstrated.”

A spokesman for "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" defended the production, saying: "The plan has always been to present aerial sequences to the inspectors in stages, as they are developed. This has and will necessitate several visits to the theater."

The recent round of inspections comes just two short weeks after actor Kevin Aubin suffered an injury during an aerial stunt that saw him launched from the back of the stage like a slingshot, landing at the lip of the stage and breaking both of his wrists in the process.

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