Episode Two Of 'The Walking Dead' Is 'All Action,' Says Andrew Lincoln

Now that "The Walking Dead" premiere is in the rearview mirror and the series is a bona fide hit, it's only natural to start looking ahead to future installments of AMC's record-breaking adaptation of of Robert Kirkman's post-apocalyptic survival comic.

When "The Walking Dead" star Andrew Lincoln dropped by Splash Page HQ, I asked him about the second episode of the series ("Guts") and where it takes Rick Grimes, which characters to watch out for, and how it differs from the pilot episode.

"Episode Two is so radically different from the atmosphere of Episode One," Lincoln told MTV News. "I think what they've done beautifully in the first three episodes is [to] just keep changing the format and the atmosphere of the episodes. But certainly, Episode Two is an all-action episode."

"You see loads of Steven Yeun," he added, indicating that the meeting between Rick and fan-favorite character Glenn is just around the corner.

In the comics, Glenn is the chief scavenger for the survivors, able to get in and out of the city and find supplies with relative ease. This could come in handy for Rick, who was left stranded inside an abandoned tank at the end of the series' premiere.

"He's a terrific actor," said Lincoln of the relatively unknown actor bringing Glenn to life in the series. "This is his first big role and he's going to be a huge star — believe me. He's hilarious, he's dynamic, and he looks exactly like the character in the graphic novel."

"I'm the straight man to his wise-cracker," laughed Lincoln. "He's great."

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