'Captain America' Writer Ed Brubaker Weighs In On Marvel Movie And Studio's 'Inspired' Casting

Captain AmericaLast week we got our first look at Chris Evans as Captain America, and in what was a very cool coincidence, we also spoke with the current go-to writer for all things Cap in the Marvel Comics universe, "Captain America" comics writer Ed Brubaker.

Along with giving Splash Page readers an exclusive preview of "Incognito: Bad Influences" (the sequel to his award-winning 2008 "Incognito" miniseries), Brubaker also shared some thoughts about the upcoming live-action movie based on soldier-turned-superhero Steve Rogers. Though he consulted on the "Captain America" movie in its early stages, the writer said he hasn't seen any footage yet, but did offer up some reactions to what's been released publicly thus far.

"I'm hopefully going to see some early footage at some point after they wrap," Brubaker told MTV News. "I have really, really high hopes for the movie."

Asked whether Evans' take on Captain America will draw from his award-winning run on Marvel's "Captain America" comics in any way, shape or form, Brubaker said it's likely to be similar in tone and approach, but not plot points. That's probably a good thing, seeing as how Brubaker's run includes the character's much publicized "death" at the hands of an assassin.

"I think the feeling that [the studio] wants to get across might be similar to the way I approach writing about him," Brubaker told MTV News. "But I don't think it's necessarily based on anything I've done. They like the way that I brought that high-tech, espionage combat feel to Captain America. I think that, if anything, helped them find a little bit of focus on how to approach the character."

"Some of the stuff they come up with for the movie is so much smarter than anything I ever did, so I claim no credit for it," he laughed.

As for the man slinging the shield, Brubaker called the choice of Chris Evans "inspired casting," but added that it wasn't Evans whose casting most surprised him.

"We mostly know [Evans] in comedy roles, and I've seen a few things in which he did some dramatic acting, and I think he's pretty great," said Brubaker. "All the photos I've seen of him with the Steve Rogers hair are really great, too. I'm prettty psyched about him, actually."

"I thought they cast the perfect person for Peggy Carter, though," he added. "I was shocked they went with a Brit, but it makes sense in the role, and she's totally awesome. They couldn't really have done better. Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, the guy they have playing Arnim Zola, etc. Marvel has been doing an amazing job on all that stuff. They really know what they're doing."

Ed Brubaker's "Captain America" comics are available each month from Marvel Comics. "Incognito: Bad Influences" #1 is also available now. Marvel Studios' "Captain America: The First Avenger" is currently scheduled for a July 22, 2011, premiere in theaters.

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