'The Walking Dead' Reader Poll: What Did You Think Of The First Episode?

The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" made its long-awaited debut on AMC last night, and thus far the series seems to be getting rave reviews from fans and mainstream audiences alike. It's nice to know that there's one thing we can all agree on: the zombie apocalypse makes for some great storytelling. (Here's our review of "The Walking Dead" premiere, by the way.)

We've been covering the heck out of "The Walking Dead" here on Splash Page for more than year now (feel free to check out our archive of "The Walking Dead" news, interviews, and clips for a look down memory lane), but there's one question we still need answered: What did you think of the series' premiere?

Did the series' debut live up to the hype for you? What made the episode succeed or fail for you? Let us know what you think of the first episode of "The Walking Dead" in the poll below.

Voting in this poll will end Tuesday, November 2, at 12 PM Eastern. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did!

What Did You Think Of "The Walking Dead" Premiere?Market Research

Remember: Let us know why you voted the way you did in the comment section or via Twitter!