'Nemesis' Director Tony Scott Says He's 'Just Beginning' Adaptation

If you thought "Kick-Ass" and "Wanted" were vulgar, wait until you get a load of Mark Millar's latest project, "Nemesis." Written by Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven, the comic book miniseries is the latest of Millar's work to go through the Hollywood adaptation mill.

Standing at the helm of the good ship "Nemesis" is director Tony Scott, the acclaimed filmmaker responsible for Chris Pine and Denzel Washington's latest thriller, "Unstoppable." He'll tell the tale of a masked madman that trots the globe wreaking havoc and the veteran police officer who's forced to put him down.

"'Nemesis' is great," Scott told MTV News. "It's something I've never done before. I love touching new worlds, touching new things, and that's what excites me. 'Nemesis' is a fresh genre for me."

Scott said that he isn't sure exactly what it was that drew him to "Nemesis," except to say that it was an instinctual feeling — something he tends to rely on quite often in his movie selections.

"The comic sat on my desk for about a week and I kept looking at it and looking at it," he said. "I don't know what [exactly made me pick it up]. What speaks to me? Why make the movie? What speaks to you is your heart and your mind. It's spontaneity. Once you start analyzing why you're doing something, you're in trouble. I've had a love affair with every movie I've done — 16 now — and I'm lucky, because I've always been able to follow my heart."

But it'll take some time before Scott fully immerses himself in Nemesis, as he provided a status update on the project: "I'm just beginning now. We're right at the beginning."

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