Joe Kelly Reveals What He Wants To See In The 'Deadpool' Movie!

Deadpool"Deadpool" co-creator Rob Liefeld has been quite vocal when it comes to the developing live-action film based on the Marvel Comics character, but he's not the only comic book pro with deep ties to the ol' Merc With A Mouth.

Take Joe Kelly, for instance. The "Ben 10" co-creator and author of "I Kill Giants" is considered one of the great authorities on "Deadpool," having written the acclaimed opening run on the character's first solo series in the late 1990s.

"I'm pretty excited about it," he told MTV News during New York Comic Con. "If [Ryan Reynolds] stays involved, I know he's somebody who's loved Deadpool forever and was a huge champion of the film. I think that they know what worked and didn't work in 'Wolverine,' and they want to do a Deadpool movie that the fans are going to love."

"I have not been privy to the script, but I think it's in pretty good hands," he continued. "I want to see Deadpool be Deadpool. If they're willing to take some risks, I think it will be pretty special."

Kelly elaborated on those "risks," echoing Reynolds' previous comments that "Deadpool" has to break down the fourth wall.

"You have to strip down that action genre and play with it the same way we did in the comics," he explained. "You need to be willing to poke fun at it, and be willing to wink and nod at the audience, and then immediately flip the switch and have Deadpool be the most kick-ass, bad-ass guy that you've ever seen on screen."

Kelly even offered up some suggestions on how to make that happen...

"I personally would have him kill Weapon XI in the opening sequence," he laughed. "I think that would be something fans would enjoy and be a nod, like, hey, we're going to get it right. But that's just me!"

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