Stan Lee Says 'Thor' Will Be Great... Even Without His Cameo

Stan Lee is a man of many hats, but the co-creator of "Spider-Man," "Fantastic Four" and various other Marvel institutions has one role that he occupies quite often: cameo artist.

"As the world now knows, my main career is as a cameo artist," Lee told MTV News at New York Comic Con earlier this month. "I've gotten to love these cameos so much. In fact, when I meet anybody who is a director or a producer or anybody having to do with a movie or a TV show, and they say, 'Hi Stan, how are you?' I'll say something like, 'I'm fine -- when can I do a cameo?' I just love doing these cameos!"

Lee has made cameos in multiple Marvel pictures as well as other outside properties, including The CW's "Nikita" and HBO's "Entourage." On the Marvel front, Lee's most recent cameo comes in the form of "Thor."

"Obviously, I wanted to play Odin, the king of the Gods, but this guy Anthony Hopkins, I don't know — I guess they figured he needed the job," joked Lee. "Then I wanted to carry a spear, but I guess they thought I couldn't lift the damn thing. So I ended up playing an earth bound mortal, but a very interesting one! I'm only on the screen for maybe five or seven seconds, but these are key seconds. They're very meaningful seconds to the movie 'Thor,' and obviously everybody will go to see 'Thor' to find out what I'm doing in my cameo. I think that's very good, because people might not otherwise hear about the movie."

Lee's joking of course — we think so, anyway, as the Marvel Comics icon told us that "Thor" brings the goods, regardless of his cameo.

"I'll say, it's a great movie," said Lee. "I've seen some of the sets and I've read the script, and I never thought I'd find myself saying this before about anything, but probably even without my cameo, it might be a great movie."

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