Will Joe Quesada Get A Marvel Movie Cameo?

As Marvel Entertainment's chief creative officer and editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada has been at the forefront of the Marvel brand for the past ten years. But even as he occupies the leadership role for a new generation of Marvel readers, there are shoes out there that Quesada won't even attempt to fill — namely, the shoes belonging to Stan Lee.

Actively involved in the Marvel Studios film slate, Quesada still has yet to make a cameo appearance in "Iron Man" or any other number of Marvel movies — and according to the editor-in-chief, he wants that gig to remain Stan's.

"That's Stan Lee's gig," Quesada told MTV News at New York Comic Con. "That's Stan's thing. I don't think anybody wants to see me — they want to see Stan."

"It's not the kind of thing where I get to call somebody up and say, 'Hey, I need a cameo!' If I'm invited some day, I'd make one," he said, making it fairly clear that we won't be seeing a Quesada cameo anytime soon. Luckily, that's what Lee is here for.

"Personally, I want to see him do a cameo in 'Ultimate Spider-Man.' He deserves one," said Quesada. "We gave him a great part in 'Superhero Squad.' Every time the mayor of 'Superhero Squad' shows up in that show, it doesn't matter what he says, I can't stop laughing. I can't stop laughing!"

"We love having Stan involved," he added. "Anytime we can get him, we want Stan."

Would you like to see Quesada make a cameo, or is that Lee's turf? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!