Halloween Special: 'The Walking Dead' Producers Name Their Favorite Horror Movies!

Now that we know who Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd's favorite zombies in "The Walking Dead" are, perhaps it's time to get another similar tidbit out of them: what are their favorite scary movies?

When we spoke with the producers of the upcoming AMC television series during New York Comic Con, they had a laundry list of horror flicks that they tend to put on during the Halloween season.

"My sort of traditional Halloween movie viewing experience starts with 'Night of the Living Dead' and then 'The Exorcist,'" Darabont told MTV News. "And then I usually wrap it up with 'Count Yorga, Vampire.'"

"Count Yorga," you ask? Perhaps not the most commonly known horror movie, and certainly not the scariest by Darabont's own admission. But the director, producer and writer said that it's his memories of viewing "Yorga" as a child that keep him coming back for more.

"It's a movie that not many people know, but I was eleven years old when it came out and it scared the living crap out of me," he said with a grin. "It's this little low-budget muscular little scary vampire movie, and because I saw it when I was eleven, it still scares me. Having seen it as an adult, it might not do anything for me, but I remember the effect it had on me. I get that sense memory thing happening, and that's the wonderful thing about movies and cinema: they can make you regress instantly to the age of 11."

And Darabont's list doesn't end there, of course...

"That's my troika of Halloween movies generally speaking, but if I branch out from there, I gotta veer into John Carpenter with 'Halloween,' definitely," he added. "And 'The Thing,' let's face it, it's on my all-time greats lists."

What are your favorite Halloween horror movies? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section and on Twitter!