'Captain America' Photos: More Pictures From 'The First Avenger' Set!

Captain AmericaCaptain America made his grand debut online yesterday, but if you haven't gotten your fill of Chris Evans as the star-spangled superhero, never fear: there are plenty more photos of the heroic Steve Rogers to whet your appetites.

More photos from Entertainment Weekly's "Captain America: The First Avenger" feature have premiered online thanks to Comic Book Movie, showing Steve Rogers at various points throughout the course of the Marvel Studios superhero film.

Although photos of Cap's main costume are mostly relegated to the cover image that debuted online yesterday, there are some other interesting designs worth pondering in the new batch of images.

Chief among them are the shots of Rogers wearing standard military attire with a few notable caveats: a big blue helmet with a massive A on the front, an accompanying star-spangled suit underneath, and a red, white and blue shield strapped to his back. It's a version of the Captain America costume that calls back to the suit seen in Marvel's Ultimate line of comics, offering a nice wink and nod to fans of the books.

Evans' costume isn't his only impressive attribute, as anyone who wondered about the actor's physical qualifications for the role can put their worries to rest. Does this photo scream super soldier to you, or are you still unconvinced?

Although the Red Skull is sitting out on these photos, Hugo Weaving makes an appearance in human form as Johann Schmidt. It's not the big reveal, but hey, it'll do for now!

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