Alleged 'Wolverine 2' Character List Hits The 'Net

Wolverine 2"Wolverine 2" is getting closer to reality as Hugh Jackman sharpens his claws and Darren Aronofsky inches ever closer towards the director's chair. But there are other roles remaining to be filled on the sequel to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," including the film's cast outside of Jackman.

Sadly, we don't have any casting announcements for you today, but here's a nice consolation prize: a list of rumored characters that will appear in the "Wolverine" sequel. Pajiba reports on such a list, and while the inclusion of these characters is far from official, it's certainly an interesting assortment if the rumors prove to be true.

Check out some of the rumored characters after the jump, but beware of some potential spoilers!

As has been previously reported, "Wolverine 2" takes place in Japan, and as a result, the vast majority of the characters mentioned in Pajiba's report are of Japanese origin. Up first is Zen, a Japanese man that arranges for Logan's release from a Canadian prison and offers to help the clawed mutant learn about his secret origins — but only if Logan accompanies him to Tokyo.

Next is Shingen, whose father was the Master of the Hand, known in Marvel Comics as a shadowy group of ninja and assassins. Shingen's father killed himself and left the Hand masterless with the hopes that Logan would become the new leader. This doesn't appear to sit well with Shingen or his illegitimate son, Kenuichio, best known to comics fans as the Silver Samurai. Kenuchio comes after Logan "several times" during the film wearing electrified armor.

Shigen's family isn't entirely opposed to Logan, as his daughter Mariko falls deeply in love with the Canadian mutant. But Logan has his hands full with Yukio, his bodyguard that has some loyalties to Shingen but mostly views Logan as her master. It's possible that Yukio is typo and the character's name is actually Yuriko, better known in the comics as Lady Deathstrike.

Other characters include a corrupt minister named Noburo Moro, his secretary Viper and a Japanese version of Frank Sinatra. Yes, really!

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