'Incredible Hulk' Actor Tim Blake Nelson Hopes For Return As The Leader

Tim Blake NelsonEdward Norton is long gone from the "Hulk" franchise, replaced by actor Mark Ruffalo in "The Avengers" and potential future solo outings as the Jade Giant. But does that mean that every player previously seen in "The Incredible Hulk" is out at Marvel Studios?

Tim Blake Nelson certainly hopes not. The actor, who previously teamed up with Norton on "Hulk" and "Leaves of Grass," wants to make it known that he's still signed up for further "Hulk" films, and he very much wants a crack at becoming the headstrong Leader.

"I am [contracted for more Marvel films]," Nelson told The Playlist about his status within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, adding, "but it’s a question as to whether they’ll make more movies, which was the [original] intention, or whether they’ll take a fresh start with the villains, since they switched Bruce Banner to Mark Ruffalo."

"I certainly very much want to return as the Leader and I hope they’ll have me," he continued. "The intention was that I would come back, which is why my head starts to, um, bubble, at the end. It’s just a question as to whether a) they’re going to make more Hulk movies, and b) because of Ruffalo, if they’re going to use me again.”

Some years ago, Nelson expressed the same sentiment in an interview with MTV News, saying that he's already deeply familiar with the Leader.

"I already did [research into The Leader] when I was doing [Dr. Samuel] Sterns, because I felt that it would be helpful to lay in stuff as Sterns for what The Leader would be,” he said. “So, that was all part of doing Sterns.”

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