Is Nicolas Cage The Villain In 'Ghost Rider' Sequel?

Ghost RiderNicolas Cage isn't exactly unfamiliar with playing multiple characters in one movie. He famously played the mostly fictional Kaufman twins in director Spike Jonze's "Adaptation," in addition to starring as two different characters (albeit with quite literally the same face) opposite John Travolta in "Face/Off."

Now, it appears that Cage is striking a similar duality in "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." Geek Week reports that co-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor recently stated on their Twitter account that "the dual role of Blaze/Zarathos will be a Nic Cage classic."

In the comic books, Zarathos is a demonic spirit that was merged with Johnny Blaze courtesy of Mephisto, the devilish trickster played by Peter Fonda in the first "Ghost Rider" film. Indeed, Zarathos himself very much embodies the "Spirit of Vengeance" indicated in the sequel's subtitle, begging the question: is Nicolas Cage playing both the hero and the villain in "Ghost Rider 2?"

Of course, even if Cage is one of the bad guys in the "Ghost Rider" sequel, he won't be the only one. Ciaran Hinds was previously pegged to star in the film as the devil, while Johnny Whitworth is co-starring as one of the devil's minions. Additionally, Christopher Lambert has an unspecified role that could easily be a villainous one, while Idris Elba's alcoholic warrior monk may also have it out for Johnny Blaze.

Still, after contemplating the idea of Cage going up against himself in "Ghost Rider 2," it's hard not to agree with Neveldine and Taylor's early prediction: it sounds like Johnny Blaze is going to be a Nicolas Cage classic this time around.

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